Configure WPPCP Taxonomy Restrictions addon

Configuring Addon Settings

Once the addon is installed and activated, you will get a new menu item in the left menu called WPPCP Taxonomy Restrictions. You can go to WPPCP Taxonomy Restrictions  to see the available settings for the addon as shown in the following screenshot.


Let’s identify the available settings.

  • Default Taxonomy Post/CPT Redirection – You can add a separate redirection URL to each taxonomy restriction rule. However, you may want to have a general redirection URL for many taxonomy restriction rules. In such cases, you can use this setting to add a redirection URL for the users who don’t have permission to view the content.  If redirection URL for a restriction rule is not specified, this redirection URL will be used.
  • Taxonomy Post/CPT Restriction Message – This is the message shown on archive pages for the users who don’t have permission to view posts from a specific taxonomy.


Once these settings are configured, you can start creating the taxonomy restriction rules.

WPPCP Taxonomy Restrictions

Simple Setup
Advanced Restriction Rules
Priority Support