How To Find Full Site Editing WordPress Themes from Theme Directory

With latest WordPress versions, we have the ability to edit full site from the frontend using Gutenberg blocks. However, we need a theme that supports full site editing to achive this functionality. In this video, we going to discuss how to check if the installed theme provides full site editing support. We will be also[…]

Building Private WooCommerce Shop for Registered Users in WordPress

WooCommerce shop and products are public by default, allowing any user to purchase the products. However, there are occasions where we need to build private WooCommerce shops to keep certain products accessible only to certain type of users. In this tutorial, we are going to look at the process of making the WooCommerce shop private[…]

Building a WordPress Navigation Menu Shortcode for Posts and Pages

Navigation menu is a built-in WordPress feature, implemented by the theme. We have the ability to add any number of navigation menus from the backend section of WordPress. However, default theme features don’t support displaying menus inside posts or pages. In this tutorial, we are going to build a shortcode for displaying a navigation menu[…]

Creating WordPress Private User Page and Member Portal

WordPress pages are generally used to display static content on your website that doesn’t get changed often.  By default, all pages are public and accessible for everyone without restrictions.  However, in situations where you have different content for public and members,  private user page become an important feature.  Private user page is a page that[…]

How to Search WordPress Users by Profile Field Value

We can use WordPress back-end user list to manage the users on the website. Users get built-in custom profile fields such as first name, last name, website, description etc. In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to search and display WordPress users with specific profile field value. Introduction to WordPress User Profile Fields WordPress[…]

Visual Composer Addon for Content Restriction

Building Visual Composer Addon for Content Restriction

This tutorial is part of the Building Visual Composer Addon Development Made Easy course by WPExpert Developer. Today we are going to create a basic content restriction Visual Composer Addon that let’s you restrict certain post/page content to guests or members. We will be updating this tutorial to add more content restriction options through wide[…]