Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite provides the ability to add private content specific for each user from the backend and display the content only to the user on frontend with a shortcode. Private content on portal supports shortcodes and embeds created from WordPress editor.

Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite is offered as a free plugin. Please consider a small $1 donation to continue the development and support of this plugin and keep it alive.


Once Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite is activated, you will see a settings menu on the left menu called Ultimate Private Member Portal. Click on the menu item to get the screen for configuring the plugin, as shown in the following screenshot.


Let’s look at the available fields.

  • Private Page – The page added here will be used as the private member portal and the private content will be displayed inside this page for each user. First, you have to create a new page with [upmp_private_page_pro] shortcode. Then select that page for this setting by typing the page title. Finally, save the setting.

Now, click on the Private Member Portal tab next to General Settings section and you will get the private portal for admin as shown in the following screenshot.


Then, click on the Select User field and start typing the username of a user where you want to add private content, as shown in the following screenshot.


Once user is selected, click the Load User button to load the existing private content of the user as shown in the following screenshot.


Then use the WP editor to add private content specific to the selected user. You can add text, HTML, images, videos, audios etc.. Once content is added, click the Save button as shown in the following screenshot.


You can continue this process for each user on your site.

Now, login as one of the users and go to the private portal page defined earlier using the setting. User should see the private content as shown in the following screenshot.



  • WordPress 4.7 or higher


  • Upload and extract the ultimate-private-member-portal-lite zip file into /wp-contents/plugins folder in your WordPress installation.
  • Activate the plugin using Plugins section of WordPress.
  • Now you are ready to get started with the settings.

Customization and New Features

You can hire the developer of Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite to customize existing features or add new features according to your requirements. Please contact the developer at for any customization requests for Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite.


Version 1.0

  • Add private content to users private portal
  • Supports shortcodes, videos, audios using WordPress editor