Have questions about WP Private Content Plus or WP Private Content PRO? Our FAQ will help you with initial and frequently asked questions. You can refer the Documentation for detailed explanations of plugin features and usage.

Frequently Asked Questions - WP Private Content Plus

I have added restrictions to posts/pages. But these posts/pages are still visible to all users?

You can add restrictions to posts/page any time using the settings. However, those restrictions are only applied when you enable Private Content Settings -> General Settings -> Enable Private Content Module . This setting can be used as a way to temporarily enable/disable all content restrictions on your site.

How can I change the default permission denied message?

You have to add the following filter implementation to your functions.php file of theme to change the message or display nothing to user.
function wppcp_content_restricted_default_message($message,$params){
return "Custom Message";

I have added restrictions on posts. But I am getting a redirect loop when trying to access the posts?

Generally, this happens when you don’t have the permission to access the post/page and you haven’t configured a redirection URL. So please go to Private Content Settings -> General Settings -> Post/Page Restriction Redirect URL and a URL to redirect the users who don’t have the permission. You can also add indovidual redirection URL’s for each post/page by going into post/page edit screen and using Redirection URL setting.

Is every feature in free version compatible with PRO version?

All the features in free version except post attachments are compatible with PRO version.  You wont loose any data or settings by upgrading to PRO version. Even the attachments can be used with PRO version without loosing any data. However, with free version, direct access to attachments are possible if the user knows the exact path. PRO version uses different technique (not compatible with free version) that allows you to even protect direct access with htaccess.

How can I use the User Profiles Made Easy integration? The settings section is empty.

First, you have to purchase and install the User Profiles Made Easy plugin. Then you will get the necessary settings for the integration.

Can I attach files to posts and completely protect the files?

You can attach files to posts and protect them from different member levels. Only the users with necessary permission will get the Download link in the post. However, user can still access the file if they know the direct server path to the files (which is very difficult to guess). If you want to prevent direct path access, you have to use the PRO version and htaccess file

How can I add private files for each user?

User specific private files upload it not available in free version. You will only get the private content section where you can add any text, HTML for each user. You need to upgrade to PRO version to use user specific private files uploads.

How can I add private files for group of users?

User group specific private files upload it not available in free version. You will only get the private content section where you can add any text, HTML for each user. You need to upgrade to PRO version to use user group specific private files uploads.

How do I get support and what's included in support?

You have to use WordPress.org Support Forum to get support for the free version. Support will be provided through the forum or email. Support forum tickets will be handled once every 3-4 days.  If you want priority support, you can purchase PRO version or support separately.

Included in free version support

  • Fixing bugs/conflicts in the plugin
  • Instructions on how to use specific features

NOT Included in Free version support includes

  • Fixing conflicts with other themes,plugins
  • Instructions for modifying existing features
  • Installing and setting up the plugin


Is the free version still being actively developed and maintained?

Yes we will be continuing to develop free version with new features and provide support for existing features/bugs.  We will be releasing 1-2 monthly updates for free version.

Pre-Sales Questions - WP Private Content PRO

Can I get a free trial of PRO version?

Yes you can request a free trial to check the main features of the PRO plugin at https://www.wpexpertdeveloper.com/request-pro-version-trial/.  We will send an email with the details of your trial site and you can test the features until trial is cancelled in 3 days.


Do I loose my settings after upgrading to PRO version?

No. All the settings in free version will be transferred to PRO version in the exact same way.


How can I upgrade to PRO version from free version?

Once PRO version is purchased, you have to deactivate and delete the free version from your site. Then you can upload the PRO version and use it as same as the free version.


How do I get the updates and is it hard to update?

Once you purchase the plugin from our site through Gumroad, you will get email notifications from Gumroad for all new versions of the plugin. Then you can login to your Gumroad account and download the latest version.

First you have to deactivate and delete the existing version on your site. Then you can upload and activate the latest version of the plugin.


How can I renew my license renewal after the first year?

If you have Developer license, you can use the plugin forever without renewing license. If you have other licenses, you can still use the plugin forever. However, you will have to renew the license every year to get new updates and support for the plugin.  Once you license is expired, you can contact us through https://www.wpexpertdeveloper.com/support/ to renew your license.


How can I purchase pro version?

You can purchase the PRO version from Gumroad.  Gumroad allows you to make secure payments through your credit card or paypal  account.


Can I use WP Private Content PRO with any WordPress Theme?

Yes. This plugin is not dependent on theme features and hence you should be able to use it with any theme. We are not aware of any known issues with the themes at this stage.


Can I use PRO version on my Clients’ sites?

If you have Personal License, you can only use it on one site. So, you can use it in a testing site and the clients site. However, support will be provided only for one site.  Also you can’t use it on multiple clients. If you have Business or Developer licenses, you can use it on any number of sites.


Will my license renew itself automatically?

No. We don’t have automatic renewals at this stage. So, you will have to manually renew the licence every year. If requested, we can setup a subscription plan that automatically renews your license until you cancel the subscription.


How much does it cost?

PRO version has 3 licenses priced as following at this stage.  We will be changing the pricing based on the features included in future versions. Existing customrs will not be affected by pricing changes.

  • Personal License – $39
  • Business License – $89
  • Developer License – $179


Do you have a developer license?

Yes. We have a developer license that allows you to use the plugin on unlimited site with lifetime updates and support.  This is one of the few plugins that offer the luxury of using it for lifetime without any additional cost. Developer only allows you to use the plugin on unlimited client sites. You can’t resell the plugin even with developer license.


Can i use PRO version in my end product?

No. You can only use PRO version in a client site. You can’t include the PRO version within your product and resell.


How long until I get a response with PRO version priority support?

Support is available Monday – Friday. During this time you can expect a response to your inquiry within 24-48 hours from the time you submit a request. If you submit a ticket or a reply over the weekend, communication will resume on the following Monday.


Frequently Asked Questions - WP Private Content PRO

I purchased PRO version. Where do i add the license key?

You don’t need to add the license key to the plugin. It’s used to get updates and support. We will request the license key for verifying the support period.

Where can I find my license key?

You will get your license key through the notification email sent by Gumroad after the purchase. You can also find the license key inside your Gumroad account.

What’s inside download package?

You will get a zip file containing another zip file for the PRO version of the plugin and text document that explains important steps for upgrading to new versions.

Where can I find the change log for updates?

You can this link to get the change log using the Changelog tab in the bottom of the page.

How do i request a feature?

You can use the contact form at https://www.wpexpertdeveloper.com/support/ to send us suggestions about new features.

How do I report a bug?

You can use the contact form at https://www.wpexpertdeveloper.com/support/ to send us information regarding possible bugs.

Why can't I activate PRO version?

You might have free version already installed and activated on your site.  You have to deactivate the free version and then activate the PRO version again.

What happens when a visitor (without access) tries to view my restricted content?

If a user is trying to view a single post/page/custom post type, user will be redirected to a access denied URL defined in the settings. If user is trying to view archive, category, tag page, restricted message will be displayed instead of post/page/custom post type content.

What payment gateways does PRO version work with?

PRO version uses Woocommerce to handle payments. So, all the payment gateways available in Woocommerce can be used for payment handling.

Can users have more than one membership?

Yes. PRO version allows you to assign/purchase multiple memberships for each user and restrict content based on each membership level.

Can I give away free memberships?

Yes. You can manually assign free memberships to users or let them join for free memberships by creating free Woocommerce membership products.

Does it offer content dripping?

No. Currently, content dripping features are not available. Content dripping module is being developed and will be available soon.

Can I assign passwords to each user and allow them to access restricted area?

No. Currently, it only provides single site password lock where all users need the site password to access the site content. User specific passwords are not available and will be introduced in near future.

Does it provide frontend login and registration?

No. You need to use User Profiles Made Easy integration to use frontend login and registration.  We will be introducing frontend login feature in near future.

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